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Medevac Pacific Services has an agreement with AustAsia Pacific Health Services to provide medical evacuation for patients with life threatening injuries or illnesses as required from countries in the Asia Pacific Regions.

Medevac Pacific Services Limited is the only 100% nationally owned Medical Assistance unit based in PNG and is a Quality Assured Company (ISO 9001:2000 Certified).

The Medevac team:
Medevac has access to the services of established qualified medical practitioners and every major medical facility in Papua New Guinea. Our team of specialist aviation physicians are available to accompany patients as well as Sr. Lulu Pwaka, a qualified nurse with over twenty years extensive experience in the areas of aviation and intensive care nursing. Sr. Pwaka has done a Hyperbaric Nursing Care Course and a 3 day intensive course for DCI.

24 Hours, 7 days a week access:
Medevac is a service available 24 hours, 7 days a week. Our medical team along with the coordination team is trained to deal with all types of emergencies. In PNG Medevac has a fully equipped ambulance on stand-by for all types of emergencies. Medevac owns a wide range of critical care equipment to deal with every situation; with direct access to the only decompression chamber in PNG. Medevac has 26 back-up air crafts for aero-medical retrievals, in cases where medical care is required off shore; our Medic-aircraft is on stand-by to take you immediately.

Aero-medical retrievals:
As well as Papua New Guinea this service also is available for a wide range of Pacific and Asian countries. At the request of AustAsia Pacific we can take aircraft to any country within a compatible radius of Australia, to collect and evacuate emergency medical cases to any one of AustAsia Pacific’s operational centres – Cairns, Townsville, Brisbane and Gold Coast.

Click here to go to the PNG Medevac website.

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